Why Panama

Panama has a long tradition as a business platform for natural and legal persons, developing an entire investment ecosystem that is important to consider providing the best solution for you.

When talking about business in Panama, most people associate it with Offshore companies and the famous Territorial Tax Regime, but Panama is much more than that.

So before listening to a lawyer trying to sell you a partnership to obtain your tax or immigration status, consider the following:



In Panama, the law is the same for everyone. Domestic and foreign. This is thanks to Law 54 of July 22, 1998, which establishes that foreign investors and the companies in which they participate have the same rights and obligations as nationals, with no limitations other than those established in the Constitution and the Law.

For example, the publication of Law 57 of October 24, 2018 that reforms Law 41 of 2007, which creates the special Regime for the establishment and operation of Multinational Companies Headquarters (SEM) and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Commission, New rules are established for SEM companies, which have been used by more than a hundred companies that have established their base of operations in the country.

Companies such as Bauer, Phillips and Nestlé, Dell, Bayer, Caterpillar, Adidas, Halliburton and Procter and Gamble have taken advantage of these conditions that not only benefit the corporation, but also its top executives.


with which to settle in the country.

There is a wide variety of visa categories to settle in Panama and start doing business, from some special categories for exclusive reciprocity with other countries, also associated categories for business to one of the best known, which is the one given to retirees. 

There are 19 types of visas and all procedures must be done with a local lawyer. Against this, Santa Mónica Law Firm not only becomes your law firm and representation but also your advisor on investment matters in Panama.


Political and stability and excellent geographic location

Panamá cuenta con una moneda fuerte y sólida; es uno de los países latinoamericanos con mayor crecimiento inmobiliario y de infraestructura; nuestras leyes propician las inversiones extranjeras.

La ley 54 de 22 de julio de 1998 establece que los inversionistas extranjeros y sus empresas tienen idénticos derechos y obligaciones que los nacionales.

Empresas icónicas como Bauer, Phillips, Nestle, Dell, Bayer, Carterpillar y Protecter and Gambel, entre muchas otras, se han beneficiado sólidamente, junto con sus altos ejecutivos, de la legislación panameña.



Por su extraordinaria ubicación  geográfica, Panamá es hoy un centro cosmopolita que alberga a diversas nacionalidades conviviendo en el país. Con un Skyline que se aprecia desde la alturas al llegar a la capital, una gastronomía  internacional y local que se está haciendo un nombre a nivel mundial, figurando ya en los principales rankings.

Excelentes servicios educativos, de salud e infraestructura. El país tiene todo lo que necesitas para vivir. En entretenimiento, 11 campos de golf distribuidos especialmente entre la ciudad y la playa, transformando al país en uno de los destinos preferidos de la región.

Áreas verdes, espacios para descubrir y aventurarse. Un mercado inmobiliario extraordinario con grandes oportunidades para alquilar, vivir e invertir.


Things you should know in Panama.

More competitive residences

In costs and procedures compared to those of other countries.

Attractive investments for visitors

Including the decree Executive Decree No. 722 that sets at USD 300,000 the amount necessary to invest in real estate in the country to qualify for this visa, in addition to opening other opportunities in the capital market and fixed terms.

Competitive approval time
No minimum stay in Panama

Required throughout the calendar year.

Territorial tax regime

Attractive visa categories for foreign investors

Panama has a great advantage for foreigners who wish to invest a minimum capital in the country. A foreigner may start any legal business, except businesses reserved for Panamanian nationals such as: lawyers, doctors, or retail businesses.

It is a reciprocity visa that includes, for example, countries such as the United States, Canada, and some European countries, which can be requested by meeting only a few basic requirements and which ensures resident access.

The Retiree Visa or also known as Pensioner visa is one of the most sought after internationally.

  • One-time exemption from the obligation to pay taxes for the purchase of household items up to the figure of $ 10,000 US dollars.
  • 50% discount anywhere in the country in entertainment venues such as: cinemas, concerts, sporting events, etc.
  • 30% discount on bus, boat, and train fares.
  • 25% discount on air ticket rates.
  • 50% discount on hotel stays from Monday to Thursday.
  • 30% discount on hotel stays from Friday to Sunday.
  • 25% discount in restaurants.
  • 15% discount in fast food restaurants.
  • 15% discount on hospital bills (in cases where insurance does not apply)
  • 10% discount on prescription drugs.
  • 20% discount on medical consultations.
  • 15% discounts on dental and eye exams.
  • 20% discount on professional and technical services.
  • 50% discount on home loan closings.
  • 25% discount on utility bills.
  • 15% discount on loans made in your name.
  • 1% less in mortgages for housing used for personal residence.
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